David Ginsbourger
Idiap + IMSV

Research team

Portrait de Athénaïs Gautier
Athenais Gautier, Research Assistant at Idiap Research Institute.
Athenais is working towards a PhD on distribution fields and applications in inverse problems and stochastic optimization.
Portrait de Cédric Travelletti
Cédric Travelletti, Research Assistant at Idiap Research Institute.
Cedric is working towards a PhD on Bayesian estimation of implicit sets under indirect measurements.
Portrait de Eliane Maalouf
Eliane Maalouf, PhD student at the University of Neuchatel.
Eliane is working towards a PhD (UniNE director: K. Stoffel) on neural networks and their use in Bayesian inversion and optimization.
Portrait de Lea Friedli
Lea Friedli, Master student in Statistics at the University of Berne.
Lea is working on (spatial) calibration of ensemble forecasts with applications in meteorology.
Portrait de Poompol Buathong
Poompol Buathong, Master student in applied mathematics at Mahidol University.
Poompol is working on Bayesian Optimization of set functions (joint supervision with T. Krityakierne).
Portrait de Patric Wyss
Patric Wyss, Master student in statistics at UniBE.
Patric is working on statistical prediction in gerontopsychiatry (joint supervision with A. Abdulkadir and S. Klöppel).
Portrait de Cedric Schärer
Cedric Schärer, Master student in mathematics at UniBE.
Cedric is working on covariance parameter estimation for Gaussian Process models.

Alumni (former graduate students, postdoc, and frequent visitor of the team)

Portrait de Amanda Carrera
Amanda Carrera, Master student in statistics at UniBE.
Amanda has worked on statistical modelling of hail data.
Portrait de Sebastien Marmin
Sebastien Marmin, former Ph.D. student (Centrale Marseille / UniBE). Now postdoc at Eurecom.
Sebastien has been working on multiscale Gaussian field modelling.
Joint supervision with J. Baccou (IRSN) and J. Liandrat (ECM).
Portrait de Dario Azzimonti
Dario Azzimonti, Former PhD student and postdoc. Now at IDSIA.
Dario has been working on Bayesian set estimation.
His Postdoc at Idiap was funded by the Hasler Foundation. Previously, his PhD was mainly funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation and jointly supervized with I. Molchanov.

Portrait de Alan Maître
Alan Maître, Intern at Idiap (EPFL master student).
Alan has worked on non-stationary extreme value modelling with applications to climate data.
Portrait de Katalin Siegfried
Katalin Siegfried, Master student in statistics at UniBE.
Katalin has worked on probabilistic line search.
Portrait de Robert Komara
Robert Komara, Master student in statistics at the University of Bern
Robert has worked on parameter estimation for distance-based kriging.
Portrait of Mint Krityakierne
Tipaluck (Mint) Krityakierne, former postdoc at UniBE and Idiap. Now permanent lecturer at Mahidol University (Bangkok, Thailand).
Mint has been working on surrogate-based optimization and on extremes.

Portrait de Mickael Binois
Mickael Binois, former Ph.D. student (Renault/Mines St-Etienne) within ReDICE. Now Postdoc at Argonne National Laboratory, USA.
Mickael has been working on high-dimensional and multi-objective GP-based optimization.
His Ph.D was jointly supervized with O. Roustant and F. Mercier.

Portrait of Laureline Josset
Laureline Josset, was a frequent visitor when Ph.D student at the University of Lausanne. Now Post-Doctoral Research Scientist at Columbia University, USA.
Laureline has been working on stochastic ensemble aquifer modeling.
Her Ph.D (2011-2015) was supervized by I. Lunati.

Portrait de Clement Chevalier
Clement Chevalier (Ph.D. at the University of Bern, 2013); co-coordinated ReDICE with me, now Senior Assistant at the University of Neuchatel.
Clement is working on Gaussian field models and adaptive strategies.
His Ph.D (Leitung: L. Duembgen, D.G.) was co-advised with Y. Richet.

Portrait de Nicolas Lenz
Nicolas Lenz, (Master in mathematics at Uni Bern, 2013)
Nicolas worked on ortho-additive Gaussian fields.
His master thesis was co-supervized with D. Schuhmacher
Portrait de Bastien Rosspopoff
Bastien Rosspopoff, (Ecole des Mines graduate internship, 2011)
Bastien worked on proxy-based kriging and hydrological inversion.
Portrait de Nicolas Durrande
Nicolas Durrande (Ph.D. at Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne, 2011)
Assistant Professor at Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne (on leave, with Prowler.io in Cambridge, UK)
Nicolas worked on additive and related Gaussian field models.
His Ph.D. (dir: L. Carraro, R. Le Riche) was co-advised with O. Roustant